пятница, 6 декабря 2013 г.

It was a hard working week, which caused a large break between my posts. I didn't have enough time to paint and to sleep. But friday end is near and I happy to say that tomorrow will be a weekend.)

A finally chose final scheme to my ork boyz (but they all will be different, with alot of variations i hope)
So the first one (without a base), he is a tough guy with a intersting story and such interesting shoota

Keep im mind, this is a pre-photo (the some changes can be made), the final work will be with 5 shootaboyz (i hope i'll finish then at sunday)

At the end of the post i share a photo of a Space Wolves Drod Pod

 This work was made under the impression of

  - Łukasz Grzyb (really cool painter)  http://fantasygames.com.pl   (you should find some time to see his works) 

  - http://minimanie.de   (they painted best wolf scouts I've ever seen )

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