четверг, 28 ноября 2013 г.

Plans and orks

Today I want to share my plans with you.
In the three years I'm playing and painting, there were a lot of minis (from GW)  in my hands. I collected 7 armies and sold 2 of them.
So I already got dark eldar , necron, grey knights, space wolves, orks.
And there are still some unpainted miniatures in every army. In spite of the fact that orks is my "main painting goal" now, time to time I would take, paint and show you photos of "fresh painted " miniatures from other races.
Sometimes it would be commission work.

So the plan A to paint :
-5 ork boys
-Ork warboss on warbike
- 2 riptides (commission)

Orks WIP's photos

Ork vs Tau+farsight 1850

Yesterday I had played Orks vs Tau Empire  1850pts with roster (as I remember it was like this)

BigMek (cybork+kff)

8 meganobz mounted on BattleWagon (Deffrolla + 2 BigShootas)

30 shootaboys
19 shootaboys
20 shootaboys
10 gretchins + runetherd
10 gretchins + runetherd


3 Dakkajets (all 3 with aces)

Heavy Support

2 BattleWagons (with Deffrollas and BigShoota )

And Tau+Farsught Enclave take something like this

+ 5 bodyguards  (with 2 plasmas each)
+2 bodyguards (with fusions)
+10 marker drones
+6 shield drones

6 firewarriors
6 firewarriors
6 firewarriors

Riptide (farsight enclave)

Heavy Support

3 Broadsides (with intercept)

Mission was relic, deployment pitched battle.
Tau goes first and make first blood with Battlewaagon, so "da ork plan A" became relic.
We played 5 turns
I killed half of Riptide (Ghazghkull could not deal with him and run away))), 1 and half pack of fire warriors,
10 marker drones, 2 shield drones , 3 bodyguards and 1 broadside)))

Tau opponent kill 3 Wagons, Ghazghkull (Riptide shoot him), 8 meganobz, pack of gretchins, majority of ork boys in every pack.

But 3 heroic boys hold a relic at the end of turn 5)

Tau takes first blood, slay the warlord, and breaking the line
Orks take relic , so it was a draw 3-3
(But orks dont count it, they think dat they win)

вторник, 26 ноября 2013 г.

Hello everybody,so let's begin

It will be blog about miniature painting.  Sometimes I will make grammatical mistakes in text (I promise), cause english is not my native language (but it's international)

I started to paint miniatures 3 years ago. From skaven clans (Warhammer FB) to 5 armies in Warhammer 40k.

I think there will be more miniatures from different company's and sculptors.
But now let's start with Space Orks , last minis I've painted.


Ork BattleWagon

I hope you will enjoy this works and painting I'll make in future