четверг, 28 ноября 2013 г.

Plans and orks

Today I want to share my plans with you.
In the three years I'm playing and painting, there were a lot of minis (from GW)  in my hands. I collected 7 armies and sold 2 of them.
So I already got dark eldar , necron, grey knights, space wolves, orks.
And there are still some unpainted miniatures in every army. In spite of the fact that orks is my "main painting goal" now, time to time I would take, paint and show you photos of "fresh painted " miniatures from other races.
Sometimes it would be commission work.

So the plan A to paint :
-5 ork boys
-Ork warboss on warbike
- 2 riptides (commission)

Orks WIP's photos

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